Chances are you fall into one of two categories: You are either the type of person who is extremely organized naturally or the type of person who struggles with organization, causing great amounts of stress and frustration. At eFileCabinet, we have solutions for both types of people and their chosen industries.

The solution is the same regardless: It’s our document management software, or DMS. This software will ease your organizational tendencies by providing a straightforward, comprehensive filing and document management system where everything is nice and orderly, with a place for everything and everything in its place.

For those who struggle with organization, it will give you a solution that doesn’t take much time and isn’t too complicated to implement. Before you know it, you will find that, when asked, you will confidently answer that you are indeed an organized person.

This organization will help your chosen industry get and stay compliant, and create smooth flowing business practices that will benefit your company for years to come.


Contract Nursing

Contract nursing companies work within a few main industries including adult foster homes, DD (developmental disabilities) foster care, comprehensive in-home support services, and in-home services. They work closely with Medicaid and state regulators to ensure all requirements are met and documented.

Some of the documentation required of contract nurses includes the following:

  • Assessment finding
  • Healthcare planning
  • Medication lists
  • Client instructions

The documentation provided by nurses also makes its way towards many different individuals including, but not limited to, on-site client files, nursing files, case manager files, and local office files. Additionally, family members should be given copies of much of this paperwork, so it should be done in a way that a layperson can read it as well.

With a well-designed DMS, you can input paperwork or fill out paperwork and, with the push of one button, all copies will be sent to the appropriate people and files. You can also be sure that when the state nursing auditor comes to call, you will be able to easily find every file that is requested.


Higher Education

As you can imagine, institutions of higher learning process thousands of documents and files each year. The parameters are defined as to which records must be saved and for how long. Just a few of the documents that must be saved include the following:

  • Minutes/meeting notes
  • Correspondence
  • Memoranda
  • Invoices
  • Journals
  • Ledgers
  • Purchase orders
  • Grant documentation
  • Published materials
  • Sound recordings
  • Drawings
  • Maps
  • Computer data and other machine-readable records

The ability to properly maintain all of these records can be difficult and prone to human error. With DMS, you can trust that all of your records will not only be safe and secure, but that they will be filed away properly and easily retrieved when needed.

Additionally, many universities follow a “best practice” approach that defines how records should be stored and managed. Some of these practices include the following:

  • Management and storage of records in a way that facilitates accurate and timely retrieval
  • Store all records in a safe, secure, stable environment
  • Create record viewing authority and enforcement of authority
  • Understand and educate about proper record disposal
  • Abide by professional ethics standards in regards to records management

All of these objectives and more will be accomplished by switching over to a well-designed DMS program.



When you are involved in the accounting world, there are many acronyms that can cause a bit of fear or panic. One of those acronyms is FINRA. The Financial Industry Regulatory Committee (or FINRA) has plenty of documentation rules and regulations, and a comprehensive DMS will help you meet and exceed industry standards. Just a few of the documents associated with FINRA and the accounting industry include the following:

  • Annual audit report
  • Customer margin balance reporting
  • Advertising regulation electronic files
  • FESC report cards
  • Risk monitoring reports
  • MSRB report cards

A clear audit trail is imperative to reporting and staying compliant within this extremely regulated industry. You will find all of the tools necessary with eFileCabinet’s DMS system; it is very user-friendly and FINRA compliant.

No matter what industry you are involved in, at eFileCabinet, we are confident that our products can give you the organization and competitive edge to take your products or services exactly where you want to be.