Emergent technologies are changing the way business is run and how companies are set up. The list of these major tech changes could go on and on, but the three most revolutionizing technologies that you need to be aware of are document management software, or DMS, Internet of things, or IOT, and Smart Virtual Personal Assistants, or SVPAs.


Document Management Software

Document management systems can provide your office more organization, better storage options, and can even require you to hire fewer people to manage your necessary personnel files and finances. In addition to these already substantial benefits, a good DMS program can streamline the workflow on important projects and will offer important security benefits to the work that is produced and stored.


DMS Organization

This is the most common selling point for most companies that decide to invest in this emergent technology. Companies that are drowning in filing cabinets full of vital information are finding a huge benefit from being more organized. The DMS programs offer the chance for these companies to store all of this information in an organized paperless format.

The ability to search quickly for needed information is another important benefit of this technology. With a few clicks of a button, you can find what you need. These programs utilize the same search algorithms that created Google; this foundation makes it possible to retrieve the needed information and documents from the storage files in a surprisingly short amount of time.


DMS Storage

The storage capacity of these programs is incredible. You will no longer be limited by the size of your filing cabinets, or the availability of storage rooms. The virtual storage fields are unlimited, meaning you will not run out of space, nor will the added load of information become overwhelming to the system.


DMS Employees

This is something a lot of companies are taking special note of. As your company grows and expands, you will have to hire more people to handle your larger load of clients and production. The use of this technology means you will not have to hire more people to manage the paperwork side of things. This alone can save you a lot of money. Your payroll and HR departments can handle the larger load with the same amount of people when using this technology.


DMS Workflow

With the use of DMS technology, you will find your workflow options opening up in some really wonderful ways. No longer will you have to check things off a list in a linear fashion; instead, each node (person/department) on the task list can be contacted and can contribute at any stage of the project. This will improve communication and increase productivity.


DMS Security

With so much information being stored on your database from clients and employees, it is important that you keep it all very secure from identity theft risks. This technology offers a very secure format to store such documents in.


Smart Virtual Personal Assistant

The Smart Virtual Personal Assistants, or SVPAs, can be linked up with your DMS program to deliver some incredible search results and organization applications. The tech experts at Inc. said to, “think of them as Siri after getting a promotion to executive assistant.”


SVPA Voice Activation

Basically, this will give you the chance to use voice recognition to pull up needed files, and to store documents in the desired files without you having to manually place them or retrieve them from the virtual files.


SVPA Predictive Technology

Such predictive technology can also be used to handle tasks that need to be done before you get to them on your checklist. A system that can remember your daily routine and that can pull up the needed files before your commands can greatly enhance your experience in the office.


Internet of Things

Your machines are gaining the ability to talk with one another. This ability comes from the creation and addition to the Internet of Things or the IOT. Daniel Burras from Wired has stated: “Of all the technology trends that are taking place right now, perhaps the biggest one is the Internet of Things; it’s the one that’s going to give us the most disruption as well as the most opportunity over the next five years.”  It is this technology that is pioneering the advent of “smart homes” and “smart offices”. There are many different ways this emerging technology can enhance the office experience and find applications within your industry.


IOT Inner-Communication

The idea of such places is that the separate systems like HVAC, refrigeration, water piping, and security devices will all work in accordance with each other without the need for outside controlling from you or from maintenance professionals. The water system will be told by the security system when it needs to shut down. The coffee machine will be told by the clock system that it is time to start brewing a pot of coffee. The heating system will sense when more people are in the room, and can adjust the temperature accordingly. All of this can be done without the input of humans due to IOT technology.


IOT Sensors

The ability of machines to talk to each other is fascinating enough, but the real advances in this arena come from the uses of sensors. It is these sensors, constantly collecting, analyzing, and putting to use data that allow the IOT to function in the smart way it does. When these connect with your SVPA and DMS, you will have an office that can predict your needs, and respond in efficient ways that save you time, money, and security risks.