Businesses in every industry face various problems that a document management system (DMS) can easily solve. As document management systems update their technology and become more complex, they come with a long list of features. While most of the features will streamline some business processes, the following features are the most beneficial to companies in industries across the board.

Advanced Search

By using a DMS with an advanced search feature, you are able to locate any missing file in an instant. It doesn’t matter if you’ve filed it in the wrong location or misspelled the title. You can retrieve the file in a matter of seconds.

Advanced search uses optical character recognition to perform full-text searches of every document within the DMS. By using this feature, the user can find a file based on the words within a document, not solely by the document’s location or by its title.

Businesses without a software to manage their documents often have to spend hours searching for a missing file. They have to go through folders in a filing cabinet one by one and skim the document for the information that you’re looking for. Advanced search will save any business hours a week.


Customizable Security

When you use a DMS, you can effortlessly customize your security measures. This will stop you from ever having to worry about compliance regulations again because your documents will always be protected.

Customizable security allows you to set up role-based permissions so that only certain users can download, edit, or even view a document. You can set extra security measures so that an additional password is required to log in to the system.

To ensure your documents are secure with a standard, on-site filing system, a lot more work is required. You will need to lock the filing cabinets and know where the key is at all times so that the wrong person doesn’t have access to the files. Even if you are using a hard drive to store all your documents digitally, you’ll need to always know where it is, and you still won’t know who is doing what with each document.




Automated Workflows

Automated workflows are a great advantage to businesses because it can completely cut down on the time that employees spend on busy work. Processes that require redundant paperwork, like requests for time off or approvals, can be streamlined.

Automated workflows free up everyone’s time by automating tasks based on approvals, rejections, or other variables.

Most companies without a DMS have to do all the busywork that automated workflows would have done. They spend extra time chasing down a superior for their approval or sending out the next steps to a job application. Automated workflows will cut out the human error and leave you to work on what matters.

While these are three of the most beneficial features, a robust DMS will come with many more features that will extend your office’s capabilities. Each organization has their own problems that a DMS can solve. To streamline all of your organization’s processes, try a demo with eFileCabinet to see how we can benefit your organization. See how we compare!