shutterstock_306074720The year is drawing to a close, and 2016 is just around the corner. The new year always brings with it a sense of renewal and a fresh start. Part of getting that fresh start in January is severing ties with old, unhealthy habits that bring you down. To get that new beginning you’re hoping for, here are 3 bad office habits that you should kick right away.


Sticky Notes and Memos

When you need to send someone a quick memo but they’re not at their desk, do you leave a sticky note for them to get back to you? If so, then it’s time to start kicking the habit now! Not only are sticky notes wasteful, but they’re unreliable too. We all know how easy it is for that note to fall from where you stick it and flutter to the ground. Then your intended recipient may never see it.

Instead of jotting something down on a sticky note, try a more reliable means of communication. Leave a voicemail, send an email, or leave a comment or message in your workflow management software. eFileCabinet will be offering an amazing new, streamlined communication feature in 2016 to help you kick that sticky note habit.


Printing for Review

Whether you’re an editor with a red pen obsession or a business owner who likes to go over contracts in print, it’s time to let go of your old ways and move on to healthier, more productive habits. Printing paperwork for review is wasteful and cumbersome. It adds an unnecessary step to the lifecycle of all your documents and costs your company money. Think about it: After you print the document and mark it up, you now have to scan it back into the computer or deliver the physical copy to the correct party in order to move on.

By comparison, reviewing documents directly on your computer saves time and trees. If you’re editing a Word document, you can simply track your changes. If you need to request revisions to a contract, make a note on it, or update the contract and upload a new version. eFileCabinet will help you keep track of all the versions of a document so you never lose track of the requested changes or updates to the contracts.


Filing Cabinets

If you’re still using an old-fashioned filing cabinet for organizing your paperwork, then you have one of the worst office habits you could possibly have. Filing cabinets take up space, cost money to fill with all those papers, waste time, and are extremely unreliable and unsecure. How many times have you lost or misfiled a document? How many can access your office’s filing cabinets whenever they please? How much square footage do you waste on those cabinets? The cost to your company is much greater than you may imagine. Don’t believe us? Check out this infographic to learn more about the true cost of using paper.

If you want a fresh start in the new year, then you need to kick the cabinet habit and get them out of your office right away. eFileCabinet offers you better security, reliable document storage, exemplary workflow features, and other time-saving benefits.

So when you’re ready to get that fresh start you’ve been dreaming of, give us a call or fill out the contact form on this page. We can offer you advice on how to kick these habits and even give you a free demo of our new 2016 software. We’ll help you get a new beginning in 2016 and make it your best, most organized year ever.