Where eFileCabinet Wins

This 2017 DMS comparison pits DocuWare against eFileCabinet, DocuWare being perhaps our strongest competitor when analyzing depth of features and bandwidth, offering a more complex solution than either M-Files or DocStar. However, one of eFileCabinet’s strongest points is the level and depth of features it provides without cluttering the user interface or confusing customers.


2017 DMS Innovation and Usability

In a comparison of top document management vendors, Finances Online awarded eFileCabinet with the 2016 Supreme Software Award, with a 100% user satisfaction rating and a software rating of 9.0. DocuWare, DocStar, and M-Files were included in this comparison.

2016 was a breakthrough year for eFileCabinet in terms of development. Introducing the eFileCabinet SideKick, a stream that molds a user’s device into the software’s native environment, the gap between software that affects every level of the business process and the devices it runs on, has been closed.

The new capabilities in the most recent Zonal OCR update, too, make going and staying paperless easier than ever before.

Additionally, when it comes to automating document tasks that are so repetitive and routine that you barely even notice them, eFileCabinet is the best, for it lets you realize just how much time (and money) you were wasting on those processes each day.


2017 DMS Price

Starting at $225 per month per user, DocuWare carries a hefty price tag compared to eFileCabinet, which offers a comparable solution at $50 per month per user from the Performance Pricing Plan.

For single-room offices or home offices, eFileCabinet Express, the lite version of eFileCabinet’s product, begins its pricing at $9.95 per month.

Part of this price differential can be explained by the markets each vendor serves. eFileCabinet and DocuWare intersect at mid-sized businesses across a multitude of industries.

However, eFileCabinet tends to be enjoyed most by smaller organizations and businesses (1-5 employees), and departments within larger organizations (usually 1-10 employee departments).

However, through Enterprise Access (a remote access tool), and Enterprise price block, large businesses with multiple branches can still excel with eFileCabinet.


2017 DMS Customer Understanding

While offering an e-book on how to “Become a Paperless Company in Less Than 90 Days,” DocuWare claims to have a no downtime policy for businesses implementing their software.

If there was no downtime required for implementation at the outset, why does the title of this e-book tout “Less Than 90 Days” to go paperless instead of zero days? We aren’t pointing fingers. We’re just scratching our heads.

There are multiple methods of implementing paperless software into 2017’s businesses. And a one size fits all mentality undermines the intricacies of businesses in a variety of industries. Sometimes a phased implementation model (usually longer than 90 days) is what limits the downtime necessary to go paperless.

For instance, if the continuity of your operations is un-interruptable, you can simply scan a document to the document management system whenever you touch it. This is a good way to avoid both downtime and dissonance in adjusting to a new way of running your business. For those who want to go the all at once deployment route, hiring a couple of temporary scanners for a week will do the trick.


DMS Experimentation Capacity

eFileCabinet provides its users with a greater way to experiment with features and tailor them to their business processes’ environments, in large part due to its open API and integrations bandwidth, which lets developers integrate any current app or program in use with the eFileCabinet interface. Any great 2017 DMS will allow businesses to experiment as they become increasingly complex and discover different needs for their processes.


Document Management Interface Simplicity

Akin to an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, DocuWare’s interface sacrifices usability for complexity, whereas eFileCabinet’s interface champions usability in spite of complexity.


Locally Managed File Safeguards

eFileCabinet automatically retrieves and backs up documents, automating, in many respects, security and certain facets of compliance through role-based permissions data backup redundancy.

Although DocuWare is ISO27001-adherent given the fact files stored in the solution must be encrypted, it does not offer the same level of data localization safeguards.


2017 DMS Integrations

eFileCabinet integrates with software you already use and understand, reducing downtime and workflow complexity without compromising efficiency.


Free Mobile Apps

Not only does eFileCabinet offer a free mobile app, it retains a greater percentage of its features and functionalities when compared to Desktop/on premises than DocuWare’s mobile apps. Essentially, eFileCabinet’s mobile app retains a greater percentage of its Desktop features and tools than DocuWare’s mobile apps. The eFileCabinet mobile apps are just one of the reasons construction companies prefer our solution to DocuWare’s.


Document Management Similarities

Don’t let the similarities dawn on you as equalizers: Remember, eFileCabinet costs less than DocuWare.


CRM Integration

Both DocuWare and eFileCabinet offer CRM integrations, which is extremely important for any company managing sales efforts.


Email Integration

Outlook integration is perhaps even more important than CRM integration, and both of these document management vendors offer this solution.


File Version Management

If you’re unfamiliar with versioning, it basically means documents are not duplicated and renamed, de-cluttering the system and better facilitating the search and retrieval process. Both eFileCabinet and DocuWare offer comparable versioning functionality.


DMS Archiving and Retention

If you want the ability to purge files you no longer need under compliance and archive standards, this feature also helps de-clutter your document management system and is offered by both DocuWare and eFileCabinet.


Document Access and Permission Controls

Another aspect of compliance, both document management vendors offer similar access and permission control functionality, simplifying compliance and ensuring certain files and documents can be kept in the system but unviewable by unauthorized parties.


Pound-for-Pound Strength

The weight you pay in money for eFileCabinet will comparatively take you much further than the weight you pay in money for DocuWare. Aside from price, eFileCabinet’s usability not only reduces the downtime it takes to get up and running, but also the stress associated with adopting and leveraging a technology that touches every aspect of your business.

To learn more about the differences between eFileCabinet and DocuWare, you can scroll to the bottom of our home page and visit the listed review sites where we rank highly on document management, file management, content management, and mobile app technologies. You can also visit our page about what a document management system is.