By Maureen “Mo” Elinzano

The recently released Apple Watch is by far the hottest commodity in the tech world right now and when Apple comes out with something new, consumers are more than ready to get their hands on it.

At the highly-anticipated Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in California this month, new features were announced that make the Apple Watch even better, including Time Travel and the ability to watch short videos on your watch.
Apple wants you to spend less time on your phone and more time focusing on the world around you, so the watch has plenty of features to prevent you from staring at your screen for hours and hours (which is a good thing!).


So, before you spend your hard-earned bucks on something that doesn’t adorn your wrist and can do a million cool things, discover 13 reasons why an Apple Watch is worth it:


1. You’ll get healthy and fit

Your Apple Watch will be sitting on your wrist – but you certainly won’t be just sitting! The watch’s haptic sensor tracks your movement and sends reminders that will help you stay fit as a fiddle.

Your watch will buzz you if you’re sitting for too long, track the amount of hours that you were standing or walking and have charts and graphs available for tracking your physical activity and to encourage you to keep staying healthy and active!


2. Convenience and organization

Having an Apple Watch is basically like having your iPhone on your wrist! With the ability to do a lot of the things that you would usually do on your iPhone – like email, call, text and listen to music – you can leave your iPhone in your pocket and conveniently stay organized and on top of everything in your life right on your watch. No arguments here!


3. It’s the latest Apple product

The Apple Watch is the must-have gadget of the year and if you’re an avid Apple fan, then it’s basically mandatory to wear one on your wrist!

Plus, it does a bunch of cool things and all of the cool kids are buying one, so you obviously have to buy one, too. Obviously.


4. It’s both versatile and useful.

The Apple Watch is definitely a smartwatch (and yes, that’s now a word)! With a vast amount of apps and games that rival other smartwatches in the market right now and new features like Time Travel, Apple Pay, and the ability to send watch-to-watch images, the Apple Watch has anything and everything that you need to make your life easier, organized and very fun.


5. It’s beautiful

The Apple Watch mimics an iPhone with its sleek, rounded square look. You can also change the straps and it has a Retina display that’s sharper than other competing smartwatches. Whether you’re getting the neon-colored Apple Watch Sport or the fancy rose gold Apple Watch Edition, these watches are definitely easy on the eyes.

Also, features like the Digital Crown, which you use for precise zooming and scrolling, and the Force Touch, which you use to press harder on a screen for more options, make this beautiful watch a breeze to use.


6. It’s software is beautiful, too

With a solid app ecosystem full of useful and fun apps along with bright graphics, crisp fonts, easy-to-press circular icons and customizable watch faces, the software is definitely just as beautiful as the timepiece.


7. It’s made for communication

As the Apple Watch is basically an iPhone on your wrist, it only makes sense that you can communicate through the watch like a phone, right? Right.

Call, text, and even send emojis and drawings (yes, drawings) directly from your wrist. Now we just have to acquire a Delorean and a hover board and we’re in business.


8. Display

We’ve touched upon the gorgeous display of the Apple Watch (see #5), but the display really is awesome.

Depending on which model you buy, it has a retina display of 290 or 302PPI density, vivid colors (including deep blacks) and clear crisp images. So those photos of your trip to Hawaii or that one selfie that you posted after a million takes will look way good on your wrist.


9. Taptic engine

So Taptic engine sounds like the engine of a septic tank (if that is even a thing that exists), but it’s actually one of the coolest features of the Apple Watch.

When you receive a notification, the Taptic engine will give you a tap on your wrist, which you can customize based on a variety of patterns and strengths and as well as for specific notifications.

Because who has time anymore in our busy schedules to look down at their wrist and actually look at the notification?


10. Glances

Like the Notification center on your iPhone or iPad, glances give you information to “glance at” so that you can see all of your notifications without having to look at your iPhone for a long time.

From the weather to traffic updates to general information about your health and fitness, glances will keep you in the loop. This “not looking at your iPhone as much” plan sounds like it’s going really well so far.


11. You won’t have to always take out your iPhone 6 Plus

An iPhone 6 Plus is basically a mini-iPad, so with the Apple Watch having features like glances, you won’t have to take out your iPhone 6 Plus from your pocket or purse as much…because again it’s like a mini-iPad.


12. You do cool things with another watch

It takes two to tango and although having your own Apple Watch is way fun, interacting with another person with an Apple Watch is double the fun!

Sending messages, heartbeats and scribbles are just some of the amazing things that you can do with another Apple Watch user. Who doesn’t want to randomly receive a scribble on their wrist from a significant other, family member or friend?


13. Cool future updates

The Apple Watch is awesome now – but it’s going to get even more awesome in the near future. At Apple’s recent Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), a lot of future updates were announced that’ll make your wrist cooler and more fun than it already is.


Here are some of the updates:

– Personalization of your watch face with a photo or time-lapse
– Respond to emails on your watch
– Better integration between fitness apps and Siri and Apple’s native health and workout apps
– Play audio out of the watch’s speaker
– Watch short videos on the watch face
– Time Travel – Go through your schedule to view future appointments using the watch’s crown

With all these features, we think the Apple Watch is definitely worth your hard-earned paycheck. And seriously, anything that can successfully get you to look at your smartphone less and actually listen to your friends when they’re talking to you is definitely worth investing in!

Also, the new eFileCabinet mobile app will look so cool on your wrist—can you imagine? A virtual file cabinet on your wrist! Who can put a price on that? The future is near, ladies and gentlemen.