12 Reasons Why People Choose Not to Buy, and Strategies Increasing Customers

When Choosing to go Paperless, it’s Not Just About the Software.

In addition to software, companies need a partner that understands buying concerns.

At eFileCabient, we work with many small to medium sized businesses and understand many of the concerns that accompany them. One of the primary concerns, upon which most others are hinged, is getting lower than hoped for sales. In this article we’ll look at some of the reasons why people may not be ready to purchase your products, whatever they may be, and some strategies for turning leads into paying customers.

Why don’t people buy your product?

The most common reasons people don’t commit to buying:

  • Doesn’t see a need
  • No urgency (not a priority)
  • Low Trust
  • A relationship/rapport has not been established
  • No money or budget
  • No Authority to buy
  • Lack of agreement on impact and solutions
  • Still has an unresolved issue or objection
  • Obstacle blocking the decision
  • Customer is a “tire kicker” who never intended to buy
  • Better deal from completion
  • Is afraid to make a decision

Doesn’t see a need

Identify your value proposition. If you don’t have one, you may want to either find one or move on.

No Urgency (not a priority)

Be creative here, can you provide and impending event. You may need to in order to keep the sales process from stalling

Low Trust
Never over promise, keep your statements realistic. Customers can see through the hype

A relationship/Rapport has not been established
Establish rapport, trust and respect. If you don’t own these skills, invest in sales training. It will pay off. You may continue to miss opportunities.

No Money or Budget
Qualify your opportunities. Is there an ROI that will make sense? If truly no money, you may need to move to a better way to spend your time.

No Authority to buy
Of course this is best to find out early. Will there be a way to get to the authority and How? Is this really an opportunity if you can’t get to the right authority?

Still has an unresolved issue or objection
You can’t overcome and objection if you don’t know it exists. Learn the skills to uncover the objection. If you uncover and objection and then overcome the objection this builds trust, respect and confidence.

Obstacle blocking the decision
Put the shoe on the other foot. If you were on the buying side, what would help you uncover the obstacle? Obstacles come in many forms and not all can be resolved. Make sure you spend your valuable time in areas that will be productive to you and the customer

Customer is a “tire-kicker” who never intended to buy
Be skilled at identifying this early. You are going to lose not matter what, lose early without wasting your time

Better deal from completion
Remember it does not matter what you think is a better deal it is only what the customer thinks/perceives. Be creative in identifying your advantages. If you are not willing to search for your advantages, your completion may be and you will not win.

Is afraid to make a decision
Make sure you identify the advantages your product will bring. Document them and get this understood as high up in the organization as possible or required. If there is fear on the customers part to proceed there is not enough value. Making a buying decision must be a positive experience.

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