Recommended Scanners

Our commitment to helping organizations establish paperless offices includes lots of scanning. We regularly advise businesses and other organizations on the best approaches to take to move their documents from physical filing cabinets to our award-winning document management software. You can trust our experience and recommendations. The process of doing extensive document scanning is something we experience every day.

Based upon our experience, eFileCabinet offers a variety of affordable and reliable document scanners that are designed to be used for small and large organizations. The business and workgroup scanners listed below are ones we and our customers have had positive experiences using. Contact our Sales Department for assistance in selecting the scanner that best fits your needs and to purchase.

Call us at 877.574.5505 for more information or for help setting up a scanning system for your documents.

Online Document Imaging Software

Are you considering making the commitment to moving towards a paperless office? Are you wondering what to do with the mountains of documents that are littering the desktops, filing cabinets or storage areas in your facility? This can seem like a daunting challenge at first, unless you have the best document imaging software on the market at your disposal. eFileCabinet offers robust scanner filing software that makes the process of capturing, storing, managing, sharing, and protecting data a fast and easy process.