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Document Management Software

Traditionally, property management processes have been intensely paper-driven, requiring large amounts of storage space, but document management software changes that. In addition to handling unexpected maintenance requests, property damage, tenant files, resident complaints, and payment problems, property managers must handle bookkeeping efforts for their organizations — requiring that property managers, at least to a certain extent, play the role of an accountant from time to time. Without having the proper software can lead to costly year end reconciliation charges from your accountant, and those are never easy to deal with. However, document management software prevents this from happening, and simplifies all the steps in between as well, too.

Managers now require instant available access to information, a safe house for documents, up-to-date regulatory compliance, maximum efficiency, a means to save money, and more space. What they need is an electronic filing cabinet! eFileCabinet is the trusted solution for thousands of property management organizations nationwide, offering both on-premise(s) and cloud-based DMS–the latter of these two providing mobile phone access. 

Property Management

As a property management organization, you may serve a wide array of clients ranging from residential to commercial complexes.

But whatever the case, each interaction requires you to shuffle paper. LOTS of paper!

We decided to look into a document management system to bring our firm into the future. Document storage has always been very space intensive, and using a document management system would enable us to go digital and reduce our storage needs, as well as decrease the time spent searching for older documents. eFileCabinet has been beneficial and allowed us to be more productive while expending less time on tasks. It definitely cuts down the aggravation of searching through extensive paper documents to find a single page. Additionally, we have been able to decrease paper costs by storing certain documents electronically rather than in hard copy form.
Stacy Mahar, Paralegal, J.E. Sutton & Associates

Document Management Software Helps Property Managers Handle:

  • Project Management Agreements

  • Real Estate Contracts

  • Payment Records

  • Tenant Files

  • Covenants

  • By-Laws

  • Regulations

  • Maintenance Requests

  • Ledgers

  • Owner Files

  • Invoices/Receipts

  • Condition Reports

  • Signed Lease/Rental Agreements

  • Custom Documents

  • Other Property Management Documents

Paperless Property Management Document Management System Software

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Operating costs have imposed staggering challenges for property managers worldwide, and these costs have placed demand upon property managers to reduce them. Oftentimes lease agreements can also lead to legal disputes between tenants and property managers, even if these tenants are leasing commercial space. Ensuring that you have the right document management technology gives you the proper retention and security of files to ensure you have those documents should such a dispute arise. The last kind of property you want to manage are the multiple file cabinets, maybe even rooms full of documents, occupying valuable and expensive real estate in your office. When you need to find something—important resident files, covenants to enforce, maintenance receipts, evidence for evictions, proof of following regulations—panic ensues as you dig through files, uttering, “Now where is that document?!” Your time is money, and time spent looking for misplaced paperwork equals money out of your pocket and poor customer service, but document management software can resolve this.

eFileCabinet is the SOLUTION! Let us help you save time, improve efficiency, protect you from risks, and earn you more money, as we help you simplify processes, regain valuable work space, reduce clutter, and more!

With eFileCabinet, we have had the ability to search documents for keywords and are able to quickly access stored files on any company computer. This saves about 20 hours a month when going back to previously scanned records for information.
Matt Jacobsen, Quartzdyne, Inc.
Property Manager Document Management System Software DMS

There’s never been a better time to consider going paperless through document management software, or to change to the best Document Management System on the market — eFileCabinet — which also has the best mobile document management solution as chosen by Business News Daily. Will you seek to acquire revenue beyond your tentants’ rent checks via this solution, or continue to rely on paper-dependent operating processes which cost you hundreds of dollars daily?

Whether you prefer an on-premise or in-the-Cloud solution, eFileCabinet 2016 will make your life easier. And, we understand the property management industry! We have hundreds of property management companies who have successfully reduced their paperwork in their business operations and generated more revenue through our document management software. We know you are paper-heavy with file rooms full of property management documents, and are ready to be liberated from the clutter.

eFileCabinet is your solution for conquering the changing face of the property management industry. With the money you save via document management software, you can provide better services for your tenants, directly increasing your book of business and generating year-over-year revenue that will yield results for your bottom line. Although the property management industry is a challenging one, there are endless nooks and crannies to find revenue once operating costs are reduced, and there isn’t a more efficient way to reduce these operating costs than through document management software.

Poor document management means unnecessary chaos, poor perception of your services, and operating costs to your business. Use eFileCabinet to improve your services to residents, owners, vendors, and applicants. Ensure your longevity and enduring relevance in the location your business operates. The real estate market, in both commercial and residential areas, is putting pressure on property managers to become increasingly sophisticated, and there’s no better way to meet this challenge with poise and confidence than through the right technology, which we’ve put at your fingertips.

Don’t put your business at risk—Make sure you are using the most secure, robust, and user-friendly document management system.

You won’t believe how easy it is to go paperless!

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