MWCN Unveils the 2014 Utah 100 Rankings

The Utah 100 celebrates 20 years of success in Utah business

Salt Lake City—Oct 21, 2014—MountainWest Capital Network celebrated its winners for the 2014 Utah 100 Awards Program, which recognizes the 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Utah. This marks 20 years of the Utah 100 and is a milestone for MWCN.

“It is our pleasure to honor these inspiring Utah businesses,” said Reed Chase, an audit partner at Tanner LLC and President of MWCN. “We have been very fortunate to watch and celebrate the true success stories in Utah. We can expect great things from these 2014 companies in the future.”

The Utah 100 is built from companies and businesses throughout the state of Utah that represent numerous industries and practices, and that have had successful revenue growth in the past year. These companies lead the way in business innovation, showcasing Utah as a business-friendly state. MWCN is dedicated to helping the state’s aspiring entrepreneurs and utilizes the Utah 100 to reward those whose hard work has produced successful intellectual capital.

The Utah 100 honors three categories: the 100 fastest growing companies in Utah, the 15 Emerging Elite and the top 15 revenue growth companies. The Emerging Elite are Utah businesses that have between 2–5 years of operation and show significant promise for future growth and success. The Top Revenue Growth Companies are those businesses who have had significant revenue gains from year to year.

The Utah 100 winners are listed below by rank of 1–100:
1. Goal Zero, LLC
2. Peak Capital Partners
3. LifeVantage, Corp.
4. SilencerCo, LLC
5. Xima Software
6. NuvoH20
7. Radiate Media
8. Black Clover Enterprises, LLC
9. OnSite Car, Inc.
10. 3 Key Elements, Inc.
11. Vetora LLC, DBA EcoSwift
12. Candlelight Homes
13. OptConnect
14. Pluralsight
15. Wadsworth & Sons III
16. The Ready Project
17. Cariloha
18. Zija International
19. StorageCraft Tech. Corp.
20. Cache Private Capital
21. ENVE Composites
22. Universal Synaptics Corporation
23. HealthEquity, Inc.
24. Goodwin Media
25. ApplicantPRO
26. Apt Marketing Solutions
27. iTOK, Inc.
28. Market Data Service
29. ZAGG Inc.
30. Foresight Wealth Management
31. Five Star Franchising
32. You Need A Budget
33. Latter Day Products
34. School Improvement Network, LLC
35. IntegraCore, LLC
36. Lashbrook
37. Solutionreach, Inc.
38. The National Institute of Medical Aesthetics (NIMA)
40. Burrus Financial Services, Inc.
41. GMRE, Inc.
42. Amara Day Spa Salon & Boutique
43. Maximus Nutricare, Inc. dba Papa Pita Bakery
44. Executech
45. Diamond Wireless
46. Packsize International
47. Wadsworth & Sons II
48. Veritas Funding
49. Cicero Group
50. CG Sparks
51. AtTask
52. GV Floorcare
53. Premier Plastics, Inc.
54. Process Instruments, Inc.
55. Parallel HR Solutions, Inc.
56. Real Property Management
57. InMoment
59. Trunorthlogic
60. Vivint, Inc.
61. Diversify, Inc.
62. Simplifile, LC
63. Conservice, LLC
64. Walker Edison Furniture
65. Fishbowl
66. American Crafts, LLC
67. Design Imaging
68. NorthStar Alarm
69. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions
70. Academy Mortgage Corporation
71. SimTek Fence

72. eFileCabinet, Inc.

73. Larsen Billing Service, LLC
74. Infuse Medical
75., Inc.
76. Café Rio, Inc.
77. Nu Skin Enterprises
78. Professional Cable
79. BidSync
80. Fx Energy, Inc.
81. Spring Works Utah
82. Johnson Mark, LLC
83. FUEL Marketing, LLC
84. Prince, Perelson & Associates
85. GoEngineer, Inc.
86. InsideOut Development
87. GPS Capital Markets
88. MasterControl, Inc.
89. England Logistics
90. VLCM
91. Freezing Point, LLC
92. Christopherson Business Travel
93. eGlobal ATM Services
94. Park City Group, Inc.
95. Control4 Corporation
96. Myriad Genetics, Inc.
97. VitalSmarts
98. Extra Space Storage, Inc.
99. Veracity Networks, LLC
100. Imagine Health, Inc.

The 2014 15 Emerging Elite are listed below in alphabetical order:
1. Alliance Health
2. Apiary Fund
3. Boostability
4. Cell Again
5. Domo
6. International Fulfillment Solutions
8. Lucid Software
9. Marketecture
10. Method Communications
11. Needle
12. Orabrush, Inc.
13. RPH Engineering, LLC
14. Xyngular Corporation
15. Zurixx, LLC

The 2014 Top 15 Revenue Growth Companies are listed below based on top revenue growth in order of ranking 1–15:
1. Hunstman Corporation
2. Nu Skin Enterprises
3. Skywest, Inc.
4., Inc.
5. Vivint, Inc.
6., Inc.
7. Myriad Genetics, Inc.
8. USANA Health Sciences, Inc.
9. Extra Space Storage, Inc.
10. Diamond Wireless
11. LifeVantage, Corp.
12. Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
13. Christopherson Business Travel
14. ZAGG, Inc.
15. EnergySolutions, Inc.

About MountainWest Capital Network
MountainWest Capital Network ( is Utah’s first and largest business networking organization devoted to supporting entrepreneurial success, and dedicated to the flow of financial, entrepreneurial and intellectual capital.

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eFileCabinet CEO Explains Why Digital Document Management Is The Future

By Kim Mays. SMB TECH

In a previous post, I discussed ways that small to midsize businesses (SMBs) can take their offices paperless. One of the biggest issues that companies face is finding a better way to store all those files than a clunky file cabinet full of papers.

Many companies rely on servers and cloud services to store their vast collections of files. One up-and-coming company, eFileCabinet, provides software and web services for SMBs to create, organize and store their important documents.

In an email interview with Matt Peterson, president and CEO of eFileCabinet, I discussed why many SMBs haven’t gone paper-free, the future of digital document management and how the eFileCabinet service works.

I asked Peterson why he felt more SMBs haven’t embraced a completely paperless office. In his opinion, people are afraid of change and find conversion of current paper files to be overwhelming:

Change is hard. Many businesses do not want to change their way of working because it requires effort, refocus and a temporary decline in ‘normal production’ even if the end result is a better, more efficient system.  There is always another client project, deadline or goal that distracts them from focusing on improving their system.

Many businesses see their [current] multiple filing cabinets, or even warehouse-full boxes of old documents, and become paralyzed with the daunting task of scanning all of the files.

Peterson believes that it’s often easiest for a company to choose a date and start going digital from that moment forward. Once users get used to the new system, working in time to start going back to scan in old documents can be done more easily and won’t seem as overwhelming.

Peterson also thinks that eventually all companies will totally embrace digital document management and move away from using paper:

It is not a matter of ‘if,’ but rather ‘when’ all companies will go paperless.  The future of electronic document management, or document management software (DMS), is that business is being driven by consumers.  Businesses and customers alike want the freedom of doing business from multiple devices anytime, anywhere. Consumers are accelerating the need for businesses to adopt electronic document management.

When I asked Peterson what the top reasons were for SMBs to start using eFileCabinet, he said that often it’s because of word of mouth:

They heard that eFileCabinet was easy to use and required little training to understand. Friends and peers told them about the results they had experienced, including reduced use of paper and other office supplies. eFileCabinet would provide quick, accurate access to client data so that customers feel like they are with a trusted, accurate organization.

Peterson says that eFileCabinet is easy to use and supports various types of files:

eFileCabinet would provide quick, accurate access to client data so that customers feel like they are with a trusted, accurate organization. eFileCabinet allows templates to be created. Templates unique to each business provide consistent filing structure, which allows files to be searchable and easily found. [It] indexes all file types so that search queries are accurate and quick, including imported PDF files. Information can be sent securely to clients and partners through a web portal. This eliminates the need for insecure emailing, faxing, courier or UPS/FEDEX.

To meet compliance standards for those industries that require it, eFileCabinet uses 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption to secure data both in transit and at rest. Once in storage, data is kept in Level-1, PCI data centers compliant with ISO 27001 SAS 70 Type ll and HIPAA.

Kim Mays has been editing and writing about IT since 1999. She currently tackles the topics of small to midsize business technology and introducing new tools for IT. Follow Kim on Google+ or Twitter.

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Biggest Document Management Software Mistakes

How are you handling your document management software? Here are the biggest mistakes companies make with their document management software.

At this point most businesses are aware that making the shift to paperless is necessary, but many are going about it all wrong. When not executed correctly, businesses are missing out on major productivity and money saving benefits. More importantly, the mistakes businesses are making are opening them and their clients up to having personally identifiable information (PII) leaked or stolen.

By Matt Peterson
President & CEO of eFileCabinet

At this point most businesses are aware that making the shift to paperless is necessary, but many are going about it all wrong. When not executed correctly, businesses are missing out on major productivity and money saving benefits. More importantly, the mistakes businesses are making are opening them and their clients up to having personally identifiable information (PII) leaked or stolen.

Document Management Software Mistakes

The biggest mistakes most companies make when it comes to using document management software (DMS) are:

  • A Disorganized Transition: Business constraints and imperatives often drive the pursuit of paperless operations but expecting to complete the move to a paperless office in an unrealistic time frame can really throw off administrative and operational processes. Successfully implementing a paperless office solution includes a planned, structured transition with realistic timelines.
  • Lack of OCR: One of the most common mistakes of going paperless is the digitization of documents into unreadable or unsearchable formats. A robust document management solution needs to include a scanner, or optional software, with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities to truly leverage the power of paperless operations. Without OCR, the contents of documents, tables, spreadsheets and presentations cannot be 100% recognized as searchable content and therefore, cannot be found or copied.
  • Non-existent or Inadequate Data Backup: An organization’s data backup process is a vital component of its overall disaster recovery plan. While document management services do digitize and help an office manage paperwork more efficiently, these electronic documents also need to be backed up as part of a business continuity plan. A non-existent or inadequate data backup plan could have an adverse fiscal and reputational impact on a company.
  • Restriction to a Desktop Computer: In a world that relies on the increased mobility and portability of data, the paperless office needs to extend beyond the boundaries of the office building. Another common mistake organizations make when they go paper-free is using a document management solution that does not offer secure, cloud-based access or the ability to access documents through a mobile app. Nowadays, 256 bit encryption at rest and in transit is almost a minimum level of security.
  • Non-Compliant Storage and Sharing: Governance standards, international law and global financial regulatory requirements under several acts (i.e. HIPAA, SEC, FINRA) require an organization to provide verifiable and timely access to digital records. The proper establishment of role-based security, audit trails, versioning control and other means of controlling access to documents containing sensitive information is a necessary step for security purposes.

About the Author
Matt Peterson is the CEO of Lehi, Utah based eFileCabinet, Inc. Founded in 2001, eFileCabinet, Inc. began as a cutting-edge tool to digitally store records in accounting firms. As it grew in popularity, eFileCabinet developed into a full-fledged electronic document management solution designed to help organizations capture, manage and protect their data.

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Groundbreaking Pricing Model Announced

Paperless Software Pricing the Same Regardless of Cloud or On-Premise Versions

Lehi, UTAH (PRWEB) October 14, 2014

eFileCabinet, Inc., the leading document management software for SMBs, announces the introduction of one annualized subscription model regardless of online or on-premise software storage. Whether customers choose to download their software to their local computer or they access eFileCabinet Online, there is now a single pricing structure, which includes a total of three pricing plans to choose from.

“Our software history, like many others, started out with paying an up-front price to download our software. With our SasS-based products, and the need to accommodate growing customer needs, we are excited to provide one subscription pricing model even if our customers still want to download and manage their eFileCabinet software locally,” said Matt Peterson, president and CEO for eFileCabinet. “We have found that customers love the combination of software control while not having to front-load their investment cost. Our goal has always been to provide superior products to the paper-heavy, compliance-bound small to medium business. We also lead in innovative pricing models that help cash flow management and profits. What business leader doesn’t want more cash or profits?”

eFileCabinet provides cutting-edge paperless software products and services that enable companies to capture, store, manage, share, and protect valuable data while helping them meet regulatory compliance requirements from governing bodies such as HIPAA, SEC, FINRA, GLBA and others. eFileCabinet’s document management software, file storage, and sharing services can be hosted on a company’s local network or as software-as-a-service (SaaS) via the cloud.

About eFileCabinet, Inc.
eFileCabinet offers a suite of document management software and file-sharing products/services to help businesses and organizations work quicker, smarter, and more collaboratively. With more than 12 years in the document management software industry, eFileCabinet,, is the trusted choice for over 126,000 users worldwide to store, protect, and share their valuable and confidential data.


eFileCabinet Offers Great Support, According to K2

October 1, 2014 – K2 Enterprises has released their annual technology awards for 2014. “It was quite interesting this year as there were no unanimous winners. There were votes for many solutions. We did have some repeat winners this year but no unanimous winners” said Val Steed, CEO K2 Enterprises. K2 has been providing the K2 Quality Awards now for thirteen years. “The products represented by K2 quality awards are among the best of class available today. Our instructors and attendees recognize the merits of the offering and the benefits that users enjoy.” said Randy Johnston, Executive V.P. “Anyone who can sway over our team members really deserves the recognition. Congratulations to all.” added Brian Tankersley, Director of Strategic Relationships.

…Technical Support – eFileCabinet…
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