Introducing the new and vastly improved eFileCabinet
On-Premise 2016.

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We’ve made it faster, easier, and better than ever to manage, store, search, and share your files.

Features That Customers Love

On-Premise 2016

Love your on-premise system? Now there’s even more to love.
Check out the significant enhancements to CloudView,
including better speed, reliability, and ease of use.
An updated interface features easy-access menus and intuitive icons.

SecureDrawer 2016.
Sharing just got unbelievably better.

The already awesome, award-winning client web portal is now
even better! Cool, user-friendly features include an all-new interface,
a streamlined design, and hover-over, in-line editing functions
for quick access.

Easily and securely share files with customers without regular size
limitations. Guest users can now receive files from any browser.

The New Document Management Superpower
Introducing the Amazing eFileCabinet SideKick

You may have to see it to believe it. This small, blue orb is a fiercely powerful function, giving you instant access to everything in eFileCabinet. It’s dynamic, it’s really fast, and it synchronizes immediately. Quite simply, this will change the way you use document management.

Available for eFileCabinet Online and On-Premise.

Zonal OCR

It’s time you checked out this virtual data entry specialist.
Save hours of time in redundant labor with this powerful feature that’s
built right in to your software. Organizing customer information is
easier than ever before.

Use Outlook Much?

Now you can drag and drop messages AND attachments directly from
your inbox into eFileCabinet. Doesn’t get much easier than that.


We offer our DMS on a subscription basis, providing a low up-front cost so you can renew on experience instead of buying on hope.

  • Performance

  • $50

    per month
    Billed annually at $600/user

  • Includes these features . . .
  • Performance Bundle
  • Drag & Drop File Storage
  • SecureDrawer Client sharing portal
  • Alerts (Desktop only)
  • MS Office integration
  • QuickBooks integration
  • eSignature integration
  • 250 GB free Data Storage
  • Implementation: starts at $500 up to 3 users, $100 each additional user
  • Professional

  • $65

    per month
    Billed annually at $780/user

  • Get all Performance features PLUS . . .
  • Regulatory Compliance Bundle
  • Document retention
  • Role-based security
  • Audit trail
  • Systematic file versioning
  • Workflow
  • Guest auditor access (Online only)
  • Additional Features
  • CloudView Online Backup Service (Desktop only)
  • 500 GB free Data Storage
  • Implementation: starts at $750 up to 3 users, $150 each additional user
  • Enterprise

  • Call

    for Pricing

  • Get all Professional features PLUS . . .
  • Enterprise Bundle (available options)
  • Advanced workflow
  • Active Directory (Desktop only)
  • SQL Version (Desktop only)
  • Enterprise Access (Online only)
  • Full API access
  • Fast Start - Onsite Training & Deployment
  • Data Migration
  • Consulting Services
  • Workflow planner
  • Best Practice Advisor
  • 1 TB free Data Storage
  • Implementation: starts at $4,000 up to 15 users, $150 each additional user


Enterprise Access Master Account (call for pricing)

OCR-Plans starting at 120k ppy (call for pricing)

Data Conversion (call for pricing)

Data Storage $10/month for each additional 100GB