Real Estate Document Management System Features

By | January 17th, 2017|

This post will detail the real estate document management system features most beneficial for those working in this industry. First, let’s clarify how a real estate document management system (DMS) differs from other technologies with which it is commonly confused: Why Would I Choose DMS over Content Management Systems (CMS)? A content management system is

Accounting Document Management Tips for the 2017 Tax Season

By | January 11th, 2017|

In 2017, accountants’ clients will be fixing for a game of hardball come tax season: They demand diverse expertise, accessibility, and bulletproof security from their CPAs, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for accountants to meet these expectations—especially under the following conditions: A client calls her accountant. The CPA reluctantly answers, knowing there’s a problem that

Paperless Accounting System Tips for the 2017 Tax Season

By | January 10th, 2017|

If you’re an accounting or tax professional and thinking about going paperless before the 2017 tax season, these tips will turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one. 5. Know That “Paperless” Only Describes Half the Benefits There are many ways to use a paperless accounting system before tax season, but not all are

Document Management Trends: Vendor Nativity, Platforms, and More

By | January 9th, 2017|

Selecting a Document Management Solution No matter which DMS vendor one chooses to use based on document management trends, the most important step prior to vendor selection is identifying and documenting the organization’s own internal processes. Doing so will make choosing the right vendor for your organization and its employees easier. Workers are presently subjected

The Manufacturing Information System in Hype Cycle Context

By | January 6th, 2017|

Gartner’s Content Management Hype Cycle helps readers select technologies like a manufacturing information system that will most benefit their organizations, whereas Magic Quadrant helps readers choose the best vendors for predetermined technologies like a manufacturing information system. In fact, it seems that the Hype Cycle, at least from Gartner’s strategic position, emerged as their readership’s

Introducing eFileCabinet Express: Document Management for One-Person Businesses

By | January 5th, 2017|

Did you know that you can become an eFileCabinet user for only $9.95 per month? That's the power of our home office document management solution, eFileCabinet Express. This means you get small business technology at a consumer grade price for your single room office or home office. If that’s not an incredible deal, nothing is. With

An Analysis of Gartner’s ECM Market Research

By | January 4th, 2017|

Gartner is one of the world’s leading experts on technology research and analysis. The intention of this post is to help potential ECM buyers understand the strengths and limitations of Gartner’s research, and assess whether ECM is the correct solution for prospective buyers in the first place. Introduction to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for ECM Created

What Does eFileCabinet Actually Do?

By | December 29th, 2016|

Hint: Document Management Does Much More Than You Think I know just about everything there is to know about document management software. In fact, most of my peers would probably consider me an expert on the topic (I’ve written over 1,000 pages about it), but that doesn’t mean much considering it’s not the sexiest thing

Commoditizing Attention through Filing System Software

By | December 28th, 2016|

Filing System Software and Optimizing Attention Span in the Modern World Filing system software optimizes and prolongs our capacity to pay attention, which is especially difficult in a world with many offices full of distraction. Advertisements are everywhere. Distractions are mounting at an unprecedented rate. As windows into the places we’d rather be, smart phones

Electronic File Software Usability, Retention, Integrations

By | December 20th, 2016|

Usability Differentiators in Electronic File Software Despite usability being a subjective benefit open to user interpretation, it matters just as much as other criteria for Electronic File Software (EFS) selection. Choosing a product with a simple, responsive graphic user interface (GUI) will make for greater usability and quicker training for employees, as it will be

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